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April 10, 2020

The Red Sticker Diaries #2


Please click the image above to read the second entry in my newsletter, The Red Sticker Diaries, talking about Sam Raimi’s Spider-man Trilogy. If you enjoy it, please do subscribe.

November 16, 2017

Radio Times: “Fireworks…” and “Upside Down” reviews


Please click the posters above to read my reviews of Fireworks and Upside Down for Radio Times.

July 14, 2017

BBC Oxford reviews, 13th July


Please click the link above to listen to my reviews for BBC Oxford, broadcast 13th July 2017. I review the films War For The Planet of The Apes, Cars 3 and The Beguiled, as well as looking at the UK Box Office and events around Oxford.


May 15, 2014

EntertainmentWise: “Godzilla” & “The Two Faces of January” reviews

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Godzilla logo

“Not the standout that movie fans were hoping for”

2 faces logo

“an original and interesting debut”