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June 23, 2017

City AM: Transformers – The Last Knight review

Transformers The Last Knight

September 15, 2016

Red Bulletin: Culture Page, October


Please click the images above to read my articles for Red Bullerin’s October Culture page. This issue features a piece on the TV show Westworld and a sidebar on Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

August 11, 2012

Entertainmentwise: “360” & “Step Up: Miami Heat”

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“a star-studded misfire, as a shallow film wanders from point A to point B without inspiring so much as a flicker of interest in its audience”


“deal for youngsters looking for disposable, bubble-gum cinema, but of little use to anyone else.”

April 27, 2011 “Thor” review…

“Brannagh makes ‘Thor’ a fun, fantastical adventure with plenty of action and humour.” (Click image to read article).

March 3, 2011

The National: “The Rite” review

“For something so squarely marketed as a horror, the film is not particularly horrific. Just as he did with his 2007 Stephen King adaptation, 1408, the director Mikael Håfström creates an atmosphere that is eerie without being especially frightening.”

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