“Paris In The Rain”, Short Film Review.

“The evocatively titled “Paris in The Rain” is actually a tale of love and loss (well, mainly loss) in London. Bereaved and soon to be separated from his girlfriend, a tough day for the crestfallen Ike (Alan Grant) gets worse when he finds himself saddled with an odd inheretance from his recently deceased father (the painting the film is named after).

Director Eli Hart’s unpretentious and witty story is a snapshot of a young man in transition. Opening at a family wake, the script avoids exposition, choosing instead to aid the camera in finding hilarity and eventually beauty in the awkwardness. The biggest and most truthful punchlines lie in what isn’t said, a strength evident in Grant’s impressive central performance. Wearing an expression of utter defeat, you can see a mixture of frustration and disbelief brimming beneath the surface as Ike wades through a universe of bizarre but relatable characters. His quiet desperation becomes endearing, leading to a suitably muted ending that is quietly affecting and doesn’t ruin the moment by lingering too long. While displaying the occasional tonal inconsistencies common of a young filmmaker, it’s an impressively restrained debut that showcases the talents of all involved”.

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