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January 1, 2008

MPC Publications: 2008 Archive…

Since 2007 I have written a regular film column, ‘Cinema Paradiso’ for MPC Publications.  Starting as a one page ‘Film of The Month’, over the years it has expanded to a two page film section, with a monthly round up of all the latest releases in addition to a monthly interview with a Hollywood star. The column is syndicated amongst MPC’s 10 publications, covering 100,000 delivery locations in the North London area.

Please find below an archive of all my MPC work from the year 2008. Click on a month to view that month’s column:

January (review- “No Country For Old Men”, interview- The Coen Bros).

February (review- “Juno”, interview- Ellen Page)

March (review- “Vantage Point”)

April (review- “Shine A Light”)

May (review- “Iron Man”, interview- Robert Downey Jr)

June (review- “Gone Baby Gone”, interview- Liv Tyler)

July (review- “The Dark Knight”, interview- Dustin Hoffman)

(I stopped writing the column for three months due to a change in management at the magazine, however I was asked to resume the article when a new editor was appointed in October, changing the column from a ‘film of the month’ format to a ’round up’).

November (“Body of Lies”, “W.” etc)

December (“Twilight”, “Australia” etc)